Thanks to recent updates in cannabis regulations, business opportunities are exploding for retailers selling related accessories like Vape Pens, E-Juice, lighters — and even Gifts, Novelties, and Fashion Accessories. Smoke & Vape has officially gone mainstream. Here are the cannabis-related opportunities for retailers in every industry. We’re not blowing smoke: cannabis’s reputation is turning over […]

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A DISPATCH FROM THE FUTURE It’s the 3024 and a couple rats floating around in outer space are telling the people of Earth how their society met its ultimate demise. And, yes, you’re right, Justin Bieber is one of the reasons. Hey, there you are! It’s me. You know, the rat in a spacesuit on […]

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YOU DIY TIE-DYE DESTINATION Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp. can give you all the supplies you need to make your own tie-dye products, including the know-how. This is the story of how they became tie-dye experts. Tie-dye and head shops are one of the best combinations of all time. They go together like peanut butter and jelly or […]

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