SWEET MARY JANE Maxi B., one of Rick James’ Mary Jane Girls, has found the perfect next chapter in her life. She’s a baker selling cannabis edibles under her new brand: Sweet Mary Jane’s by Maxi B. Maxi B. was 21 when she got on a plane from Pittsburgh to Hollywood to chase her dreams. She was […]

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THE HOT SPOT Hot Wax Glass Co. started as a music store and underwent a big transformation into a forward-thinking smoke shop that’s all about the customer shopping experience The world is full of smoke shops that will tell you they’re all about glass. But when the owners of Hot Wax Glass Co. say it, they mean […]

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IT’S ALL ABOUT THE JUICE Hot Vapes are veterans of the e-cigarette and e-juice world, who have long-standing roots in the industry. Their story starts out of necessity and innovation, leading to success. The genesis of Hot Vapes was like the genesis of so many other good ideas — it came from necessity. Good things can happen when […]

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