sometimes in business you have to follow your gut and take a chance. That’s what James Eitzen and his wife Vanessa did last year, after relocating from Southern California to Redmond, Oregon. They looked at the area smoke shops and sensed opportunity. “We weren’t really satisfied with the offerings of the local shops,” says Eitzen, […]

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    \ Megan Daniels is a globe-trotting DJ and model who is more than just eye candy If you Google DJ Megan Daniels, one of the first results says that she’s the sexiest DJ on the planet. If you look at a picture of her, you’ll see that’s a fair assessment. And if you’re like us […]

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Love him? Hate him? It doesn’t matter. Because the comedian knows how to push America’s buttons. And if it were up to him, he’d push the “OK” button on legal pot. He’s as politically polarizing as Palin. He’s as sharp and funny as the top stand-up comedians. And he’s a fixture on cable’s best network. […]

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