Even at age 74, Tommy Chong is still a joker. The legendary comedian and marijuana aficionado — best known as half of Cheech & Chong — picks up the phone and says, “I worked out with my trainer today. I’m getting ready for the Mr. America contest in 2016.” You laugh. He laughs. “Mr. Over the Hill,” […]

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Nestled in Oregon, a state beaming with creativity, Galaxy Glass is making glass products that are out of this world. With nearly 15 years under its belt, Galaxy Glass has grown from the vision of two brothers, one a self-taught glass-blower. Now it’s one of the top glass and art shops in the smoking industry. […]

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Movies “Evil Dead” The original version of “The Evil Dead” is a cult horror classic from 1981, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell. It became the prototype for the low-budget horror flick and, for years, there was talk about a remake. It’s 2013 and now here comes the remake. Raimi and Campbell are […]

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