Diversity in the South Bay Southern California is a hotbed for food, especially Mexican food. The proximity to Mexico might have a little to do with this. When the idea of doing a story on tacos came my way, I had to jump on it and thought to myself, what better story than showing what […]

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In Your Space with the Dankman: Flynn Helper #instafamous at LA Space Camp Well, it finally happened, I entered the world of the L.A. art scene and I think I made a splash, or at least spilled a drink or two. I was ushered into this new world by none other than former Eugene Glass […]

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A Brother’s Journey in Baseball I started playing America’s Pastime when I was just starting to walk. I can remember vividly learning to throw the ball with my older brother Pete and the sound the ball made when it popped in my glove. He was always looking for someone to toss the ball with and […]

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