THE GRUBDOWN No one is ever going to accuse Chuck E. Cheese’s of having the best pizza around — or the most creative palette in the world. In fact, Chuck E. Cheese’s is mostly where you go when you know a little kid having a birthday. You get stuck with mediocre-at-best pizza, watch the animatronic […]

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THE GRUBDOWN We’ve talked about Oreos in this column before. Probably because of two simple facts: Oreos are delicious and Oreo keeps putting out odd flavors. It’s kind of turned into their thing. The latest one, well, it might take some hunting. Oreo has released Pop Rocks-infused cookies. They’re Fourth of July-themed, called Fireworks Oreos […]

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THE GRUBDOWN As they do from time to time, Pringles are back to bless us with interesting new flavors because, as the saying goes, once you pop, you can’t just stop — and that goes for churning out new flavors too. The new Pringles flavor that’s getting some buzz nowadays is ketchup. Yes, ketchup. Ketchup […]

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