INNOVATION FOR EXTRACTION The Hybrid Extractor is a new product that makes extracting essential oils from plants much easier and safer by skipping the use of butane. It’s a new technology based on two products you might already know The landmark of innovation is creating something that’s better, safer and more functional than the way people used […]

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THE TRADE NEVER STOPS East-West Trading Corp. tells us about some of the products it’s most excited about in 2018, including odor-neutralizers, coffee mug water pipes and much more. If you can sell, you can sell — it doesn’t matter whether it’s toilet paper, cars or, in the case of East-West Trading Corp., smoking accessories. That’s been the case […]

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THE BOUNDARY PUSHERS VMR, the company behind the V2 vaporizer, gets into the dry herb and concentrates market with its new brand, Prohibited. This is the story of the company’s thirst to innovate and push the limits of vape technology. When you thirst for innovation, when you desire something new and different and better, sometimes you have […]

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