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Marijuana-themed hip-hop group Los Marijuanos are a viral sensation, social-media stars and the type of group that thrives in 2017 — they’ve got a strong voice and big plans for the future.

Pony Boy didn’t set out to start an empire. But when you’re smart, talented, dedicated to your hustle and know how to leverage social media, that’s very much possible.

And Los Marijuanos have proven it.

Since their origins in Chicago in 1998, Los Marijuanos has been one of the top acts — and, in turn, one of the top brands — on the pro-marijuana music circuit. The group is a revolving trio that’s centered on Pony Boy, who is both the lead performer in Los Marijuanos, but also the man with all the vision about the Los Marijuanos brand.

The group has released songs such as “Time to Get High,” “Slangin’ Trees” and “Mr. Weed Man.” The titles alone are proof that Los Marijuanos knows its lane and won’t apologize for it.

The vision is bigger than music, as Pony Boy’s recent adventures prove. These days, he’s working on creating a new line of edibles, a new Los Marijuanos album and his brand new parody band called Weed Al. Pretty obvious what to expect there, isn’t it?

The engine that makes all this go in Pony Boy. He’s a marketing machine, a spokesperson and the perfect kind of person to thrive in 2017. That’s why the Los Marijuanos Facebook page has more than a one million followers at this point. It’s obvious the message resonates with fans.

Pony Boy’s hustle takes him all over the place, especially on the marijuana circuit. Los Marijuanos are a fixture at smoke-shop trade shows. They’re often in Las Vegas, either for trade shows or other business. Los Marijuanos is also a regular at Hempfests up and down the country.

Everywhere he goes, Pony Boy is speaking the gospel too. He wants marijuana to be legalized and decriminalized. That shows up whether he’s doing a concert or doing an interview.

Los Marijuanos says its “music is for the patients, the growers, the caregivers, hemp believers, smokers and the tokers as well as the weed sellers all over the world.”

That’s a noble plight to be sure.

To learn more about what Pony Boy, Los Marijuanos and Weed Al have coming up in the near future, we talked to Pony Boy. Enjoy our Q & A below:


Question: What’s going down right now? Catch us up.

Answer: I’ve been working with Purple Haze properties. They are leading the industry for celebrity branding and marijuana products, dropping some products with him in California. I’ve been helping host at his trade show booths, and broadcast live to my all my friends and fans on Facebook Live. Been real busy from performing with my new group WEED AL at Las Vegas Hempfest.


So you got a new album coming out. Tell us about it.

“Dank Defenders” album is finally ready to drop this year featuring Space Hog, Chucky Chuck DGAF, Romero from Click One and a few others, I can’t remember right now because I’m high.


I noticed you got all types of new merchandise out, what’s up with that?

The new merch line is finally available, we got nuglaces, ear nugs, a new line of Marijuanos t-shirts, caps and more at Big thanks to Freedom Leaf for putting the shop together for me.


Seems like you’re always performing hosting some type of event. What’s coming up?

I’m hosting the 34th annual Bong-A-Thon in Colorado, and headlining the annual Hempstalk festival in Portland. Lots of stuff coming through!


You have had lots of signature medibles in dispensaries in California for over 10 years, any Marijuanos Medibles coming out in Las Vegas?

I’m searching for the right partners right now. We just don’t want to work with anyone. We want to make sure we have the best genetics and high quality medicine going into our products, and we haven’t found the right person yet. Our Marijuanos Mint, Nice Dreams Ice Cream, was a No. 1 seller for years and our Marijuanos Medibles sold out consistently in Cali. We want to bring that to Vegas, just need to find the right partners. But in California it is on and poppin’, my nugs. you can get Los Marijuanos Pre-Rolls, Medicated Mexican Candy and much more via our partners at Purple Haze Properties. They work out deals for a lot of the Rockstars, like Motorhead Kush, Anthrax Kush, Baby Bash OG, and many others.


What have you been smoking on lately?

Mostly been sampling the latest and greatest strains I have been coming across at the Cannabis Cups and events I host. Got to find the right strains to go in these pre-rolls, ya feel me? Lemon Tree, Golden State Banana, Zkittlez and Zprite have been some of my new favs. But I’ve really been digging the the genetics HumboldtAF has been growing! Look for the Los Marijuanos pre-rolls coming to a Dispensary near you soon!


What new songs you have coming out?

We have some great pot parodies coming out, covering new songs and classics alike, catch us live with the new band WEED AL.


Where can people follow you?

Follow us at @losmarijuanos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


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