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Bambu Jessica is a model, performer and dancer who is so hot she breathes fire.

It all started with a face tattoo.

To hear Bambu Jessica tell her story, the face tattoo was her personal declaration of independence, the moment she decided she was going to live, look and work the way she wanted.

The tattoo, it meant something.

Today, if you look at Bambu Jessica, she’s very obviously her own person. She’s a model, a dancer, and a performer, skilled in the ways of fire art, bullwhipping, go-go dancing and much more. She’s a Suicide Girl, a Las Vegas performer, a traveling show-woman. She’s been on TV, in magazines, and at nightclubs all around the country.

In her own words: She’s wild, sexy and weird. What a combo! Bambu Jessica talked to ERB about all that she does, what motivates her and what she’s doing next. Enjoy.

Q: We know you’re a busy gal — it was tough to even get some time with you for this interview — give us a quick overview of everything you do.

A: I’m an alt model/dancer/performer currently in Las Vegas and traveling the world.

Q: How did you get started modeling?

A: When I was a little girl I had big dreams of being a supermodel. I dabbled in runway and doing photo shoots in my teens. I was always an oddball and always loved being on stage. I became a bit too eccentric for the “high fashion/runway” world that I was trying to persue at the time. I am happy that I found an industry where I can now be my silly, sexy, colorful self. I work very hard to make my goals and dreams a reality and I am very blessed.

Q: Where might have people seen you?

A: I have a residency at The Act Nightclub in Las Vegas and I travel around the world as a professional pink wild child weirdo extreme!  Ha-ha. You may have seen me here:

Rolling Stone, Billboard, Hustler, Bizarre Magazine, Tattoo International Magazine, Seven Magazine, Las Vegas Weekly, Status Ink, Inked, Hour, Real Detroit, Urban Ink, Skin and Ink, Sinner, Savage, Vegas Rocks, Revolver Magazine, Icon Motorsports, Metro Times and Also on TV: Showtime, Playboy, SyFy, E! Entertainment, Fox Reality, TLC, Discovery Channel, CW, GSN and Netflix

Q: When/why did you take the route of “alt-modeling?”

A: When I was 18 I was doing a bit of runway fashion-type modeling. I started getting more tattoos and the agencies I worked with wouldn’t book me anymore, so … I got my face tattooed. It was a F-it tattoo that represented my commitment to be absolutely true to myself and my art — for the rest of my life.

Q: Do you feel like in recent years, there are more opportunities and more mainstream acceptance for the alt-modeling world?

A: I feel like tattoos and body mods have become more accepted in recent years by the mainstream, yes. I think opportunity comes from hard work and manifestation. You can look however you want and do whatever you want as long as you really put your mind to it — and a good positive outlook and positive intentions goes a long way.

Although tattoos and body mods — “the alt look” — is more accepted in our society today, I still have to dodge crazy stares and mean mugs every single day of my life. Comes with the territory I guess, ha-ha-ha. Doing something a bit different isn’t easy, but definitely fun … and hopefully I can open those peoples’ minds. That’s the point of all of this really, to give and get love and open minds.

Q: As a dancer, has the rise of electro/EDM in the last few years really helped you?

A: I love electronic music, as well as many other genres of music. The rising popularity of electronic music is cool because I get more bookings and get to be involved in this subculture more than ever! However, I miss the warehouse grind of it all. I think the rising popularity of EDM is good and bad. I think old school DJs suffer, some of the underground art of it all suffers as well. It’s good and bad. But, hey, still love it!

Q: Let’s talk about the performance art you do. Where did these different talents come from? How do you decide to, for example, play with fire?

A: I continuously like to grow as an artist. In my spare time I practice new acts and build on the ones I have. Fire is my favorite thing to perform. It’s so powerful and a force to be respected. I’ve had a few great teachers and some things I just figured out myself, with trial and error and some cuts and bruises. Live and learn. I just love performing wacky, weird, sexy things to create shock value and open people’s minds!

Q: You also do a bullwhip routine? Tell us about this.

A: Bullwhip is a lot of fun to perform. I do bullwhip targeting — makes me feel pretty fierce! The sound of the whip alone is enough to catch my attention and the audience’s attention. My bullwhip is neon pink, of course.

Q: So with all this, what type of events do you get booked for?

A: I do nightclubs, festivals, all sorts of events, including kids parties! Those are sometimes my favorite. I’m a big kid, always and forever.

Q: You’re based in Vegas, but how often do you get booked out of town for events?

A: I get booked for out of town stuff about every other week. In summer, a bit more. I love to travel. Vegas is great but I’ve got a vagabond/carnie soul.

Q: What are some the events/happenings you have coming up soon?

A: I’ll be performing with DJ Bl3nd at Elektricity on Aug. 2nd and also at Six Flags on Aug. 3. The Act Nightclub in August on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday, until I go boogie boogie around Burning Man the last week of August! Some other projects are in the works: Suicide Girls burlesque show, a traveling show/collaboration with and possibly some Bambu Jessica performance dates in Macau [China]! Come winter into next year, I hope to do some fetish festivals around the world. I’m interested in the fetish community more than ever lately. Very spicy!
Q: Where can people learn more about you or contact you for booking?

A: For pics, videos, booking etc., visit


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