Culture Panel Vol 57



Every issue we ask readers a question and collect the responses. For our June issue, we asked: What show do you plan on binge-watching this summer? Here’s what people had to say.

“Master Of None. I’ve heard great things and I love Aziz Ansari.” — Aaron; Morristown, N.J.


“I’m going to give in and finally watch Breaking Bad. I’ve been putting it off forever and my friends say I’m dumb for never watching it.” — Jake; Youngstown, Ohio.


“Everybody says I need to Silicon Valley on HBO. That’s probably my pick.” — Jon


“I watched the first season, but nothing since, so I’m excited for more Orange is the New Black.” — Julia; Florence, S.C.


“I want to watch 13 Reasons Why and see what all the hype is about.” — Alison; Gilette, Wy.


“Would you believe I’ve never seen Game of the Thrones? Heard so many goods things, never watched it.” — Gus, Tampa, Fla.



For our July issue, we want to know: Who’s your favorite up-and-coming glass artist these days? If you’re a smoke-shop employee interested in joining our Tastemaker Panel, e-mail us at


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