Glass Artist Profile: Rocko Glass


Get to know Las Vegas-based artist Rocko, learn about what he’s working on and see which competition he’s eyeing next.

By Dustin Amato

I first met Rocko Belloso a few years back at Dopeass Glass studios when he was already on Team Minion, Merc’s band of mischievous monster makers, that have always been very popular in glass-collector circles. He busted out this amazing millie of my Official Genius logo and we soon became friends.


I got to know more about who he is and his other interests besides glassblowing like skateboarding, art and providing for his family. I was able to catch up with him at his current studio, the House of Boro, a small glass supply shop owned by Lekseno. It only has a few benches so only the homies can really work there but Rocko, Ethereal, Lekseno and their apprentice Based Glass have made it their way of life, and really crank out some of the best glass you will find in Las Vegas.

Rocko has been steadily rising through the ranks of the glass scene, doing amazing collabs with some of the best artists in the game, while holding it down by himself in CHAMPS Glass Games competitions. Rocko won a silver last year for his Zombie Race car at the Death Race a while back, and was the first person to ever pull a millie in the CHAMPS Glass Games competition. His happy face cluster was enough to win him another silver.

But silver wasn’t good enough. He wanted gold and earlier this summer he took first in the “toolless” category, where he made an amazing Danzig Sherlock with a matching pendant and in the “hide-a-pipe” competition he made this bad-ass, puking devil.

But Rocko wasn’t always this insane glassblower. Even he had to start somewhere. Rocko took his first class from Jesse Taj class at the Eugene Glass School in 2003. Millifioria was the first class he took. It has served him well making custom millies for Dopeass, Timez, Jerome Baker Designs, Medizin, Goosefire Gallery, Nerv Glass and Jens Blends just to name a few.


Rocko has created mad impressive Star Wars characters, Rat Finks, The Simpsons, movie stars, ’80 and ’90s pop icons, original zombies, and demons. His rendition on Jimbo Phillips Santa Cruz screaming hands in one of the dopest pieces I have ever witnessed in my life.

What Rocko enjoys creating most is his signature Devil Head with their tongues hangin’ out. Rocko makes them in Millies, Pendants, Rigs, and is his go-to-collab piece. Shop owners and collectors alike have been picking up his work like crazy, so if you want to get some, support your local Las Vegas shops that currently carry his work like “Gorilla Radio” or “Smoke Signals.”

Rocko will be dropping a limited-edition 50 Devil Pendant release at the Glass Vegas Show, while his buddy Merc does a free demo Feb. 6-8 at the Westgate Hotel. Rocko will also be competing at the CHAMPS Glass Games Masters Finals, Feb. 7-9 at the nearby convention center just a short walk away from the Glass Vegas Expo.


So come on out to Vegas and hit up both Glass Vegas and CHAMPS in the same week! And if you are lucky — you may get one of those limited-edition Devil Head pendants!

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