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“All For One”



I was recently sent a music video from Addey Lane that inspired me to reach out to her and get the inside scoop on this up and coming artist. Addey is a 4th generation South Bay Resident; the South Bay is a slightly conservative area of LA known for its pristine beaches and hometown feel on the southwest side of LA. From the first glance, you would never guess this young blonde surfer girl would be the next activist in the move to legalize.

Addey’s new song and video, “ All for One” is the new anthem for the next stage of the fight to gain our rights back. With lyrics like,” Selling fear was key, to protect an industry, stopping anyone from questioning.” You know this woman did her homework and knew the readings of the late great Jack Herer. This quote would seem to be a direct reference to the DuPont scandal. If you are unaware of what DuPont did to encourage the government to start its long and costly prohibition of cannabis, with a quick read of, ”The Emperor Wears No Clothes” you would learn that DuPont was the leader in producing and spreading the propaganda about Cannabis and Hemp. DuPont’s action was a ploy to get their newly invented and struggling product Nylon more market share in an industry dominated by hemp.

This point is only the first in the song, as she goes on to touch on the thoughts many of us have had. One of the best lyrics in the song outside the chorus is, ”we hold the key to what we really need, living green to win.” These words resonate with me, as I have always believed if we all stood together and demanded our rights returned, we could win.

The song also touches on our so-called Democracy, which is being run by the 1%ers, “where all for one means, all for one, no room for we.” This is the way our current democracy works, and there is no room for the rest, instead of the original intent of democracy, that we all have a voice and, “We the people,” make the rules.

While talking with Addey, she explained that she got the inspiration to do a song from her father, who has embraced the culture and has been busy creating his own business in the industry. She was quick to explain that her office was in the same space as her father’s shop. I was really impressed by her family values as well as how proud she was of her family for changing with the times.

Change was a big part of our discussion. Change has come so fast over the past 20 years that things we never thought we would see are happening. The states are rebelling from the Federal Government, as well as the medical community has started to see that this simple herb has more potential than previously thought. Imagine how far along cancer research would be, if our government had not suppressed it. The facts are quickly coming in that some cancer can be cured by Cannabis.

Addey seems to be on the precipice of a fantastic career not only in music but activism and charitable programs. Her goal is not to be rich or famous but to be able to help those in need. She plans on starting a charity that has been in the works since she was five years old. The heart in her music is as true as her heart in her life. Addey is an artist I would suggest we all get familiar with and support.

Addey is currently booked at the Hard Rock Hollywood location every Thursday night in September. I know I will be attending as many as I can. You can find her on the web at as well as her Facebook page:





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