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There’s a simple way to get to our heart: white chocolate.

If you read this space often, you know that we aren’t often bullish on short-run candies and snacks that try to change up their flavor profile to match the trends. We’re not here for pumpkin-spice this or sriracha that.

But white chocolate is a weakness. White chocolate Reese’s and Kit Kats have turned into a staple by now, but the white chocolate alternative might have found its best candy cousin yet — the white chocolate Twix!

Twix variations are hit-and-miss. If you cut the caramel, you’re often doing it wrong. So this keeps all the best elements of the Twix — i.e. that sweet caramel and that crunchy cookie — it just now has a white-chocolate coating.

Please don’t go away, white chocolate Twix!





Let’s give it up for this marijuana provider, whose pivot skills and on-his-feet thinking are pretty damn good. The story goes like this, according to Mashable.

A 15-year-old named Christian was forced to trade phone numbers and phones with his mom. So when she got a text that said, “Need bud?” she was a little confused.

Her response: “My son no longer has this phone or no number. Does he need what?”

Determined not to let his homie get caught up, our hero pivots and says in three successive messages: “Bud. A buddy. I heard he lonely af.” That’s a quality save, but according to Mashable, it didn’t work all the way. Mom eventually figured out what it meant.

Nonetheless, we can all use a bud like this guy.




Anita Thompson, wife of the late Hunter S. Thompson, has announced her plans that would allow people to smoke what her husband did. She’s turned down numerous offers from growers who want to put his name on a strain. She has a better idea, as she told The Aspen Times:

“Thompson said she has, however, saved six different strains of cannabis that the “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” author actually smoked. She is now working with a cannabis company to grow those strains — or hybrids of them — and sell them to the public. She said she was glad that she held off on partnering on a marijuana brand until it could be done right.

“I was always steering toward his work and away from his lifestyle, but now I feel like I can talk more openly about his lifestyle,” she said. “I’m proud to do it now. Before, it was a little too risky.”




As the tech sector gets more involved with the marijuana industry, you can bet we’re going to see some innovative products. One that’s hitting the consumer-level and looks to be perfect for any novice grow-at-home wannabes is Seedo.

It’s basically a plug-and-wait grower’s kit with a dose of modern technology. It can communicate with you. If you live in a state where it’s legal to grow your own pot, you can buy a Seedo, put a seed inside and the device will do all the rest of the work. Not only that, it’ll send you a text message to keep you updated on the progress. Modern technology, man. It’s something else.

The Seedo is still in development. Follow to track its progress.




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