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We’ve talked about Oreos in this column before. Probably because of two simple facts: Oreos are delicious and Oreo keeps putting out odd flavors. It’s kind of turned into their thing.

The latest one, well, it might take some hunting. Oreo has released Pop Rocks-infused cookies. They’re Fourth of July-themed, called Fireworks Oreos and they’re damn brilliant. Pop Rocks are a great nostalgia move and they’re perfect for the summer.

Problem is, these aren’t particularly easy to find. Part of Oreos’ marketing of these unique flavors is that they’re not available everywhere. They’re limited edition, available at certain stores. It makes them more in-demand and it creates a more passionate fan base.

So while we’d like to try some Firework Oreos, we haven’t found them yet. Doesn’t mean we’ll stop looking. And that means all of Oreo’s marketing smarts is working on us.



Our Chief of the Month probably isn’t reading this, because he’s probably in jail. Still, we at least respect his gall.

An unidentified man was arrested in Arizona last month for trying to smuggle 67 pounds of marijuana. Where, you ask? Inside a coffin that was inside a hearse.

Sure, it didn’t quite work, but you gotta respect the effort. The driver was tapped by authorities for some inconsistent stories. That led to some odd odors and that led to the K-9 unit. While we certainly don’t endorse breaking the law in such ways, we do give this unnamed dude some points for creativity.



Well, this is one way to try to get out of being arrested. From The Smoking Gun:

“55-year-old [Trudy Kay] Richardson, the patrolman noted, was observed holding a “blue glass marijuana pipe in her right hand.” Richardson, seen at right, would later tell the cop that the pipe was actually the property of her stepdaughter, who was apparently behind the wheel.

“When Richardson spotted Officer Caricia Martinez standing next to the Pontiac, she “placed her hand with pipe into the front of her pants and proceeded to place the item inside of her vagina.” Richardson, Martinez added, “was repeatedly instructed to stop and yet continued.”



Did you know you can get a custom manicure that looks like Snoop Dogg is smoking some ganja on your fingernails? It’s true. And it’s all over the Internet.

There’s a nail artist named Tracy Lee who creates the most Chronic nail designs you’ve ever seen. She can put a famous smoker on your fingernails and make it look like he or she is smoking. Snoop, Jimi, whatever.

Now THAT takes some creativity. Her Snoop Dogg nail design has already been viewed more than eight million times on Instagram. Check her out at @luxebytracylee.



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