Oregon’s Galaxy Glass



Nestled in Oregon, a state beaming with creativity, Galaxy Glass is making glass products that are out of this world.

With nearly 15 years under its belt, Galaxy Glass has grown from the vision of two brothers, one a self-taught glass-blower. Now it’s one of the top glass and art shops in the smoking industry. Behind everything Galaxy Glass does is a dedication to art and creativity.

Wanting to delve deeper into the Galaxy Glass story, we asked them for an interview. The Galaxy Glass brain trust agreed. Below you can read about how the company started, how it grew and how it stays ahead of the curve.


Question: Let’s start at the beginning. How, why and when did Galaxy Glass get started?
Answer: Galaxy Glass started in 1999 by two brothers, Michael and John. They recognized a need for an organized glass-art production shop to supply the demand of the ever-popular color-changing glass. At that time there were only a handful of skilled glass artists in Eugene, Ore.  Michael, being self-taught, took his passion for glass-blowing to the next level by introducing 3D art as an additional option to decorate the beautiful glass we see today. We’ve taken that simple idea and 14 years later we are creating some of the more prestigious art glass today.


Q: How has the company grown over the years?
A: It has been essential to our growth that we keep a close eye on the pulse of this creative industry. We are constantly working to explore new ideas that will promote positive growth for our company. Over the years we have made stable or increased revenue gains despite continuing economic challenges.


Q: What do you think sets Galaxy Glass apart from others in the industry?
A: Definitely the sculpted 3D art that we create on a production level. Every piece we make can be reproduced and is not just a one-time creation. We do custom work. Your imagination is our creation.


Q: You guys are known for being creative in your products, what’s your inspiration?
A: We’re all about pushing boundaries, setting goals, and generating new ideas to support and meet our customers’ needs. We are constantly inspired partly by necessity and partly by stretching our imaginations beyond their boundaries.  Some of our ideas make it to fruition and sometimes they don’t, but we think it’s important and necessary to keep trying and driving forward. We don’t always know where our ideas will lead, but we are always willing to try in search of our creative dreams.


Q: A few glass blowers we’ve talked to in the past have art backgrounds. How about you folks at Galaxy Glass?
A: Every single employee that works for Galaxy Glass is an artist in some sort of media other than glass. We have musicians, illustrators, woodworkers, lyricists, writers and metallurgists —  you name it. If art is involved, so are we!


Q: Tell us about your favorite piece you guys have put out?
A: The piece we are most excited about we can’t talk about because the A-list celebrity’s agent made us sign a confidentiality agreement. Let’s just say we put over 200 hours into it and it was one of the most stressful yet exciting pieces we have created to this day.


Q: Are there any new products you guys have coming out that people should be on the lookout for?
A: It would be best to say we are “old School in our ways” as we are consistently working on new pieces yet we rarely give a “preview” of such. The aspects of Galaxy’s new product development is hardly shrouded with the mystery and secrecy as Apple computers, yet we would also certainly not share with our competitors and the public until our products are ready for distribution. Keep your eyes out as NEW products will hit store shelves in the coming months!


Q: Where can people find your products?
A: Walk into any head shop and ask for Galaxy Glass and you should find product from us. We are located in over 1,000 shops worldwide.

Q: What do you think the future holds for Galaxy Glass?
A: As entrepreneurs we can expect higher taxes, inflation, and increased regulations in the coming years. ObamaCare is going to have a significant economic impact on all small businesses, so we will be working harder than ever to bring new ideas into the business and “stay ahead of the game.” The boundaries are being pushed every day and we all keep each other moving forward with new ideas and innovations.

Galaxy Glass
P.O. Box 41136
Eugene, Ore. 97404
(541) 484-6539

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