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Phatmanz Alley devoted to great pipes and making customers to feel good Rick Zimmerman knows the importance of owning a good pipe. Don’t believe us? Listen to this story.  One day a few years ago, he was driving down the freeway, window down, arm hanging out, pipe in hand. Suddenly, he lost his grip, his […]

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From humble beginnings to a worldwide network, Got Vape has been on the forefront of the vaporizer movement The folks at Got Vape are predicting a big boom in vaporizers in 2012. If they’re correct, then the Got Vape crew — the leading distributor of vaporizers and vaporizer related products — is in for a […]

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STUFF WE DIG (aka stuff we’re high on at the moment) Music El Camino — The Black Keys The stomping bluesy-rock duo recently unveiled its latest album and it’s more of what they do best — great guitar riffs, groovy baselines and infectious songs. Is it time for them to finally crack into full-on mainstream […]

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