Stuff We Dig – Issue 7




“Evil Dead”
The original version of “The Evil Dead” is a cult horror classic from 1981, directed by
Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell. It became the prototype for the low-budget horror flick and, for years, there was talk about a remake. It’s 2013 and now here comes the remake. Raimi and Campbell are both producers, but they’ve turned the film over to a new director, new writers and a new cast. The concept, though, is the same: five friends, trapped in a remote cabin, battle for their own survival against demons.It’s being promoted as “the most terrifying film you will ever experience.” (In theaters April 5)



“Pain and Gain”

It’s hard to tell if “Pain and Gain” — the new Michael Bay movie starring The Rock and Marky Mark … errr, Mark Wahlberg — is a parody of itself or the most Michael Bay movie of all time. Or both. In “Pain and Gain,” The Rock and Marky Mark play bodybuilders who become criminals when they kidnap a rich guy from their gym. Lots of actions and explosions and whatnot follow. It’s up to you whether you decide to watch this movie seriously, or as a mockery of these types of movies. (In theaters April 26)




“Da Vinci’s Demons”
The “secret life of Leonardo Da Vinci” is the basis of the new fantasy-history series “Da Vinci’s Demons.” It’s a project from David S. Goyer, who has a long history of writing comic-based films such as “The Dark Knight” trilogy and “Blade.” In “Da Vinci’s Demons — which airs on the Starz network — the show portrays Da Vinci as a hero “armed only with genius.” The show is full of mystery, cults and madness. Sounds like a trip. (Debuts April 12)



“Mad Men”

One of TV’s smartest, most-celebrated and stellarly produced shows, “Mad Men,” returns for its sixth season on AMC. Set in the ’60s, “Mad Men” portrays life at a New York City advertising agency full of people whose lives aren’t as perfect as the ads they create. It’s a fascinating character study that’s both brilliantly written and acted.  (Returns on April 7).




Snoop Lion
By now, you surely know about the transformation of Snoop Dogg. He’s gone from venerable West Coast rap icon to Rasta-influenced reggae singer with a new name and new style. Snoop Lion is what he’s calling himself these days, and “Reincarnated” is his first album under that moniker. We can’t say this will be good, but we can guarantee it will be interesting. (Out April 23).




Rob Zombie

Heavy metal icon Rob Zombie is back with a new album, his first since 2010. The title is a mouthful: “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor.” In typical fashion, you can expect horror-influenced hard rock from Zombie is well known from the band White Zombie and as a director of horror flicks. (Out April 23)




Rover 2.0

Imagine being 12 years old again and having a wireless spy tank you could control with your iPhone or iPad. Kids these days, they have all the cool toys. The Rover 2.0 is a spy tank, armed with a video camera, that you can control and monitor with your mobile device. So it can be used to spy on your little sister — or your employees. (Available now, via for $149.99)




Nina Agdal

Oddly, being in a Carl’s Jr. commercial has become a rite of passage for hot babes. The fast-food chain, in recent years, has turned toward an advertising philosophy that’s basically sexy women eating. The latest Carl’s Jr. gal is Nina Agdal. Her commercial debuted during the Super Bowl and is on TV regularly now. She’s a sexy, steamy Danish model who has experience in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s.

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