Stuff We Dig – Issue 8


Hangover Part 3 Fixed Web

Hangover Part III

The Wolf Pack is back and ready to make you howl again. The third and final “Hangover” movie is coming, full of more of the outrageous hijinks that made the first two such big hits. This time, the gang ends up back in Las Vegas after trying to take Alan (Zach Galifianakis) to rehab. The trailers show us one outlandish development — a decapitated giraffe. We can only imagine what else the “Hangover” crew has planned. (in theaters May 24)


Ironman 3 Fixed Web

Iron Man 3

The other huge sequel coming in May is “Iron Man 3,” where the gallant Tony Stark returns to save the world once again. This flick picks up after “The Avengers” with Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) battling nemesis Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) while the world is in the midst of international war. Of course, Iron Man, in all his technological wizardry, can be counted on to help. (in theaters May 3)


Arrested Development Fixed Web

Arrested Development

After years of patience from its dedicated fans, “Arrested Development” — we’re talking the quirky TV comedy, not the ’90s hip-hop group that gave us “Mr. Wendal” — is back. The Bluth clan, however, is going somewhere new, Netflix. The entire 15-episode Season 4 debuts on Netflix on May 26. So it’s to you, Arrested Development Fan, whether you want to watch the whole thing in a single day or spread it out over a few weeks.


Did I Do That Fixed Web

Did I Do That?

Remember the ’90s in “Did I Do That? The Best (and Worst) of the ’90s.” It’s a time capsule of a book that, of course, takes it name from Steve Urkel’s famous catchphrase on “Family Matters.” The book collects ‘90s memories, lists and pop culture bits ranging from TV, music and even game (Pogs!). “Did I Do That?” is out now from Abrams Books. Find it at Urban Outfitters and Amazon, among others.


Alice In Chains Fixed Web

Alice in Chains

Grunge might not be what it used to be — but Alice in Chains still rocks. These Seattle-bred rockers enjoyed quite the rebirth in 2009 with its return album “Black Gives Way to Blue” after being on hiatus since 1996. That was understandable. Singer Layne Staley died. His replacement William DuVall sufficiently won over Alice in Chains fans. Now the band has another new album on the way. It’s titled “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.” The first single, “Hollow” is already out and has been well received. (in stores May 28)

Action Bronson Fixed Web

Action Bronson

Simply put: Action Bronson rules. If you’ve missed out on this gem of an underground rapper, put him atop your “music to check out list.” The NYC-bred rhymer has the breathless flow of Big Pun and with the unpredictableness of Ghostface Killah. He’s a throwback to the stellar rap of the ’90s — though, listen to enough of his work and you’ll notice he sure talks about food a lot. It’s because he used to be a chef. (An actual one, not like Raekwon the Chef). We recommend a look back into his catalog for projects such as 2011’s “Well Done” or 2012’s “Rare Chandeliers.” (

iPhone Case Fixed Web

Bottle Opener iPhone Case

We’ve all been in this situation: We have a beer that needs opening, but no bottle opener in sight. Rather than endanger years of orthodontic work, turn, instead, to something we all pretty much carry with us these days. Our phones. This bottle opener iPhone case by Opena is so brilliant and so necessary. It’s actually part of your phone case. Geez, why didn’t we think of it? (


Lucy Pinder Fixed Web

Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder will make you drool. This British bombshell is quite famous across the pond, but men from any country will tell you the same thing. Lucy Pinder is hot. She’s been in many magazines and advertisements plus done some acting. She writes advice columns and she’s a good follow on Twitter (@LPinderOfficial). Really, we don’t think Lucy can do anything wrong.


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