Stuff We Dig – Vol 21




“22 Jump Street” 

We can’t lie: When Hollywood decided to turn “21 Jump Street” into a movie, we were skeptical. This kind of thing happens a lot, with mixed results. “21 Jump Street,” the film version, however, was actually quite funny. It stood on its own, using the premise from the TV show (cops working undercover as high-school students) and made something new and interesting with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as stars. They’re back for the sequel, and this time they’re going to junior college. (In theaters June 13)


“Transformers 4: Age of Extinction”

Because you can never get enough of big-budget action flicks centered on robots, the “Transformers” saga is back with its fourth silver-screen installment. Some things are different this time around, some are still the same. “Age of Extinction” is still directed by Michael Bay, but Shia LaBeouf is out as the film’s star. Mark Wahlberg is now in the leading role, as an inventor and single dad. In many ways “Age of Extinction” may serve as a reboot of the “Transformers” films. We’ll see soon enough what Bay has in store for us. (In theaters June 27)




Jack White

These days, Jack White is a legitimate solo rock star, his 2012 solo album “Blunderbuss” showing us yet another side of him. White had come to us in various forms — in The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and Dead Weather. But we quite like him as a solo act too. He’s returning with “Lazaretto” now, his second solo album, and early tastes make it sound like more of that same Jack White goodness. If you like adventurous rock ‘n’ roll with a good sense of the past and a good ear for innovation, then you’ll want to give this a listen. (In stores June 10).


Fucked Up

Fucked Up isn’t your average hardcore punk band. They’re loud and energetic and outspoken, but they’re also refined and critically acclaimed. These Canadians have twice been finalists for the Polaris Music Prize, a prestigious Canadian award that goes to the best album of the year, based on merit, not popularity or album sales. The band’s next album, “Glass Boys,” finds Fucked Up in a calmer place. Lead singer and songwriter Damian Abraham has eliminated his panic attacks by using marijuana, and that’s brought a new clarity to his work, he says. (In stores June 3).





“Orange is the New Black”

Are you ready for something new to binge on from Netflix? “Orange is the New Black” returns for its second season this month, looking further at the story of Piper Chapman, a fish-out-of-water prisoner in a women’s jail. It’s based on the real life experiences of Piper Kerman, who wrote the “Orange is the New Black” book. The show was adapted for television by Jenji Kohan, who was behind “Weeds.” Like other Netflix originals, the new 13-episode season of “Orange is the New Black” season will be released all at once, so viewers can speed through it. (Premieres June 6).



Are you one of those people who dream up crazy food creations? A person who hears about something like a grilled cheese waffle sandwich with bacon and thinks, “I need that.” That you? Then Spike TV’s newest show is for you. It’s called “Frankenfood” and, as the name suggests, it focuses on bizarre food creations. The show features amateur chefs competing for a cash prize and fame for their wild food creations. Plus it takes us into real kitchens to talk to innovative chefs. Sound delicious? Then you know where to be when “Frankenfood” debuts on Spike. (Premieres June 8).


Video Games


“EA Sports UFC”
The leading maker of sports video games is bringing us a new pixelated version of one of America’s favorite new sports — EA Sports is getting into the ring with UFC. EA Sports already makes the go-to video games for pro football, soccer and golf, so now it’s taking a swing at mixed martial arts. “EA Sports UFC” features a wide range of fighters —current stars like Jon “Bones” Jones, past faves like Chuck Liddell, women’s champ Ronda Rousey, there’s even a Bruce Lee character that can be accessed. (In stores June 17 on PS4 and Xbox One).




Portable Skee Ball

If you can’t get enough of the skee ball machine when you’re at an arcade, here’s an affordable way to have your own at home. Having a real skee ball setup is great, if you’re rich, but regular folks can buy Hammacher Schlemmer’s portable skee ball set for only $60. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you find at the arcade, it doesn’t spit tickets out at your or keep score digitally, but it does allow you to roll the ball and take aim at the center of the board until your heart is content. (Available now at


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