Stuff We Dig Vol 49




From the demented mind of Rob Zombie comes “31,” a horror flick that centers around the disappearance of five carnival workers the night before Halloween. They are forced to play a murderous game called “31” in order to stay alive. You know Zombie best as a rock ‘n’ roller, but he’s ventured into film before, including his “Halloween” updates and his own originals such as “House of 1000 Corpses.” (In theaters Oct. 21)



The latest movie from Christopher Guest looks like the type of shenanigans that his fans will love. It’s called “Mascots” and it’s a mockumentary about the world of mascot competitions. If you like Guest’s previous work — namely “Best in Show” and “Waiting for Guffman” — this will be right up your alley. It stars Jane Lynch, Parker Posey, Fred Willard and others. It’s a straight-to-Netflix release. (Premieres Oct. 13).



Jimmy Eat World

The dudes from Jimmy Eat World have this down: They go away long enough for you to miss them, then hit you with some new music. That’s their M.O. As such, they’ll be back soon with “Integrity Blues,” their ninth album and first since 2013. The alt-rockers have been going steady since 1993, finding plenty of success along the way. Their new release is backed by the singles “Get Right” and “Sure and Certain.” (In stores Oct. 21)



Well, it looks like Korn showed all the doubters who thought their sound wouldn’t age well. The nu-metal kings are still going strong all these years later. In fact, Korn is back with its 12th album, “The Serenity of Suffering,” more than 20 years after the band’s inception. The lineup has shifted over the years, but Korn’s core of original members are mostly back these days. The band promises “The Serenity of Suffering” will be its heaviest work in a long time. (In stores Oct. 21)




Trip out on this new show from HBO, with a powerful cast, impressive production staff and a cool concept. “Westworld” stars Anthony Hopkins (yes, THAT Anthony Hopkins) as a doctor who creates Westworld, an old-west themed “amusement park” where there are no rules and people sin without care. The town’s inhabitants aren’t real, rather lifelike machines programmed with artificial intelligence. But when their A.I. goes haywire and outside forces try to shake things up, chaos ensues. The show is executive produced by Jonathan Nolan (from “Person of Interest” and the “Dark Knight” movies with his brother Christopher) and J.J. Abrams. (Premieres Oct. 2)


“The Walking Dead”

When last we left Rick Grimes and his crew on “The Walking Dead,” someone was about to come face-to-barbed wire with the show’s new big villain, the sinister Negan. There’s a lot still to figure out after Season 6’s cliffhanger and we’ll start with who Negan is about to beat down. Though the show is uneven at times, the highs in “The Walking Dead” are high enough to keep coming back. (Premieres Oct. 23)



Battlefield 1

Don’t let the name trick you, this is actually the 14th installment of the popular “Battlefield” video game series, which is all about warfare. “Battlefield 1” takes its names because it’s set in the era of World War I, with weapons and fighting styles that are true to the time period. If you like history and first-person shooters, this is a great game for you. (In stores Oct. 21)



Norm Macdonald, “Based on a True Story”

The eccentric Norm Macdonald has found a new vehicle to make you laugh. He recently released his memoir, which is titled “Based on a True Story.” The book finds Macdonald telling his story in typical Norm fashion, which is to say it doesn’t exactly follow the rules. Macdonald weaves together a tale about gambling debt and a loan shark who is after him, then adds his own life stories to that. It’s different and it’s funny, which is exactly what you’d expect from Norm Macdonald. (In stores now).

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