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Fist Fight

The angry Ice Cube is back. In “Fist Fight,” the rapper-turned-actor plays a teacher who gets fired from his high-school job because of his colleague (played by Charlie Day of “It’s Always Sunny” fame). So they decide to fight after school. It looks silly enough to be a lot of fun. The rest of the cast includes Dean Norris (“Breaking Bad”), Christina Hendricks (“Mad Men”) and Tracy Morgan (“30 Rock”). (In theaters Feb. 17).


“Girlfriend’s Day”

In “Girlfriend’s Day,” the always fantastic Bob Odenkirk (of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” fame) stars as a down-on-his-luck ex-greeting card writer who tries to rekindle his magic for a contest involving a new holiday called “Girlfriend’s Day” … until he gets caught up in a weird murder plot. It’s a dark comedy, a style in which Odenkirk should shine. He also wrote the film, which is a Netflix-only release. (Premieres Feb. 14).



The XX

The soaring electro-pop of British trio The XX is back and worthy of a space on your music-playing device. The band’s third album, “I See You” was released last month and it’s a pulsing journey. While Romy Croft and Oliver Sim trade vocals, the real star is producer Jamie XX, whose celebrity in the production/DJ world has grown immensely since The XX debuted in 2009. “I See You” is both mellow and moody, something you can definitely vibe to. (Out now)



One of the most interesting new voices in music is about to get his due. Sampha, the British electro/soul singer, is finally releasing his debut album: “Process.” Sampha is a versatile and diverse vocalists who has made his name on the British electro scene as well as the American hip-hop scene. He came up in the UK and is known for his collaborations with dance producer SBTRKT. From there, he caught the ear of Drake and Kanye West and worked with them. “Process” promises to show all sides of Sampha, as evidence by the gripping ballad “(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano” and the beat-driven “Blood On Me.” (Out Feb. 3)



“24: Legacy”

Ah snap, the fast-paced, terrorist-fighting action of “24” returns with a new cast, new stories, but a familiar gimmick in “24: Legacy.” The real-time storyline adds drama to the show, as we saw during the original run of “24.” There’s no Jack Bauer here, instead Corey Hawkins (“The Walking Dead,” “Straight Outta Compton”) is in the lead role as war hero Eric Carter, who is trying to save the lives of his unit and stop a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. (Premieres Feb. 5).



The concept behind CBS’s new reality show “Hunted” isn’t exactly like “The Bachelor.” It’s bringing a different sort of drama to your screen. The show features a handful of contestants who are trying to evade capture by a special unit of investigators and technical analysts. The contestants get a one-hour head start to disappear. If they can evade capture for 28 days, they win $250,000. The real crux of the show is how hard it is disappear in our current digital world. (Airing now on CBS).


Video Games

“Double Dragon IV”

A new edition of the “Double Dragon” series is here, but it’s not exactly what you might expect if you remember the original. The first “Double Dragon” was a hit back in 1987. It featured two martial arts fighters walking around the streets fighting bad guys. It was simple, but very cool in its day. Well, “Double Dragon IV” isn’t quite a modern update. It’s actually more of a throwback. The graphics and gameplay look straight out of the late ’80s — like a game that was lost at the time and just unearthed in 2017. We can get with that. (In stores now)



Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill

You love bacon. We love bacon. Everybody loves bacon. So why not treat the bacon in your life the way it deserves? Why not buy a grill that is specifically made to cook bacon the right way? Sure, there are other ways to cook bacon — but that griddle also cooks your pancakes and that pan of yours cooks just about everything. The Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill is so bacon-y, it has bacon in its name twice. It looks a bit like the toaster, but it’s actually designed to cook six pieces of a bacon at a time AND catch all the grease. What more could you want in life? (Available on Amazon).

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