Stuff We Dig Vol 60




It took nearly 10 years, but the big-screen version of Steven King’s creepy clown thriller “IT” is just about here. The film, which is based on the 1986 novel that was turned into a mini-series in 1990, revolves around a group of 11-year-olds called The Losers Club who battle Pennywise the Dancing Clown. It’s directed by Andrés Muschietti, who brought us the 2013 horror flick, “Mama.” This new version of “IT” has been in development, in one form or another, since 2009. (In theaters Sept. 8)


“30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story”

The behind-the-scenes story of the Garbage Pail Kids and the people who loved them most gets the documentary treatment in “30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story.” The film looks back at when Garbage Pail Kids were at the forefront of pop culture and fans built collections that still exist today. The doc talks to artists and superfans about the allure of the Garbage Pail Kids. It was originally released last year at festivals, but is getting a limited national theater release now. (In theaters Sept. 20, check out for locations)




The popular and fantastic Netflix series “Narcos” returns for its third season, digging deeper into the rise and fall of the Columbian cocaine empires. Season 3 marks a shift for the series, as Pablo Escobar died at the end of Season 2. Now, the show tells the story of the Cali Cartel and the DEA’s efforts to limit their power in the cocaine trade. Expect a bevy of new characters and storylines. (Premieres Sept. 1)


“The Deuce”

David Simon, the great writer and producer behind HBO’s “The Wire” and “Treme,” returns to HBO’s schedule with his new show “The Deuce” and you can bet it’s sexier than anything he’s done previously. “The Deuce” is set in 1970s and 1980s in New York City, when pornography started to take ahold of Times Square. As every Simon series does, it follows the players in the scene, their motives and traces the impact of their decisions. (Premieres Sept. 10)



Foo Fighters – “Concrete and Gold”

The Foo Fighters are back and look poised to make a huge impact on rock music with their ninth album, “Concrete & Gold.” The album is a result of Dave Grohl’s music hiatus that began when he broke his leg at a concert in 2015. When the itch to play music returned, Grohl secluded himself and started writing songs. The album comes with some serious star power, as it features an appearance from Paul McCartney and features the Foos working closely with producer Greg Kurstin, who has collaborated with Adele, Sia and others. It even features Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men on guest vocals. (In stores Sept. 15)


Action Bronson

Hip-hop’s most vibrant personality, Action Bronson, is back in a big way. Bron-Bron has been expanding his empire the past couple years, as he’s become a multi-platform star within Vice. He has a travel show and a cookbook, but rapping is still what made him famous. So be sure to check out his latest project, the long-awaited “Blue Chips 7000,” the next in his “Blue Chips” series. It’s his first proper music project since 2015 and if the first single, “Let Me Breathe,” is any indication, it should feature some bangers. (Available now)


Video Games

Super NES Classic

Get ready for video-game chaos. Nintendo is releasing the Super NES Classic — the revived version of its 16-bit Super Nintendo console — and if it’s anything like the NES version, it’ll be flying off store shelves. The “Classic” version is small enough to fit in your hand and comes pre-loaded with 21 games from the Super Nintendo’s heyday, including “Super Mario World,” “Super Mario Kart,” “Super Punch-Out,” “Donkey Kong Country” and many others. It only costs $79.99, but the demand looks to be crazy. Good luck finding one. (In stores Sept. 29)



A Bag of Dicks

Want a hilarious way to get back at someone who has wronged you? Or to prank a friend? Send them a Bag of Dicks. No, seriously. You can buy a bag of candy dicks — they’re like gummy bears but shaped like a penis — and even send it to someone anonymously. If your mind isn’t running ideas already, we might not be able to be friends. ($14.99 on Amazon)

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