Stuff We Dig Vol 63




John Travolta plays one of the country’s most famous mobsters in “Gotti,” the epic tale of famous NYC crime boss John Gotti — from his rise to power in the Gambino crime family, to taking over organized crime in New York to, ultimately, his downfall. Given the country’s fascination with true crime these days, this film ought to be in high-demand. (In theaters Dec. 15)



In “Downsizing,” Matt Damon plays an everyman who gives into the temptation of a new start on life. Only in his world, that means he can choose to downsize himself to five inches and start a new life in a place called Leisure Land, which is full of other humans who have decided to live small. We’re not talking about Tiny Houses here either. What follows is a journey of discovery and mystery that takes quite a different turn than “Honey! I Shrunk the Kids.” (In theaters Dec. 22)




SyFy is bringing us an intriguingly weird new series called “Happy!” that stars TV bad-ass Christopher Meloni (ex of “Law & Order SVU”) as a cop turned hitman who dies and comes back to life but is now being followed by an imaginary flying blue horse who wants him to help find a missing girl. Told you it was weird. But it’s also quite interesting. It’s based on the graphic novel of the same name and looks to be taking TV to strange new places. (Premieres Dec. 6 on SyFy)


Psych: The Movie

“Psych,” the shenanigans-filled USA series about a fake psychic detective, is getting new life in movie form. “Psych: The Movie” catches us up with Shawn Spencer, the fake psychic but real detective, that fans grew to enjoy. The entire crew is coming back — with hopes for even more movies in the “Psych” universe. (Premieres Dec. 7 on USA)



Wu-Tang Clan

The Clan is back! Wu-Tang Clan returned last month with “The Saga Continues,” a new album of Wu bangers featuring the Clan and many members of their extended family (Redman, for instance, plus Killah Priest and Streetlife). This is part compilation, part proper Wu album. RZA is the executive producer and longtime Wu producer Mathematics handles all the beats. Still, it’s new Wu and that’s never a bad thing. (In stores now)


Jim James

Count us among the people who dig Jim James, the music mind behind rock group My Morning Jacket. He’s also an occasional solo artist and, as appreciators of James’ art, we’re excited for his upcoming EP, “Tribute to 2,” which finds him covering various songs from yesteryear. His first “Tribute to” EP was Beatles-centric, but this time James is doing songs from The Beach Boys, Elvis, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and more. (In stores Dec. 8)


A Die Hard Christmas

You know what your Christmas needs? More John McClane! And you can get it, just in an unexpected place. Get “A Die Hard Christmas,” which isn’t a new movie from the series but rather an animated children’s-style book about “Die Hard.” We’re all the way in on this. (Available now on Amazon)


Whiskey Christmas Tree Bulbs

Normal Christmas Tree bulbs are pretty cool, except for that they’re hollow and break easy. That seems like a good enough reason to buy whiskey-filled Christmas Tree bulbs, doesn’t it? We sure think so! As luck would have it, you can buy a set of six — and they come with whiskey, it’s not even BYOB. Rad! (Available for $38.59 on

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