Stuff We Dig Vol 65



“Black Panther”

One of the most eagerly anticipated Marvel movies is just about here. “Black Panther” arrives with plenty of hype, a high-powered cast and big box-office expectations. The movie focuses on Black Panther, a superhero who gets extra strength from eating a heart-shaped herb. It stars Chadwick Boseman in the title role and Michael B. Jordan as his rival, Erik Killmonger. The film is directed by Ryan Coogler, known for his acclaimed film “Fruitvale Station” and “Creed,” which also starred Jordan. (In theaters Feb. 16)


“Game Night”

Here’s a film about what happens when “Game Night” goes totally wrong — or maybe totally right. The film stars Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler and many others and it’s based around a circle of friends who play a murder mystery game. Only, it includes kidnapping, real guns, blood and all sorts of other stuff. What’s real? What’s part of the game? You’ll laugh as they figure it out. (In theaters Feb. 23)



The Wombats

British rockers The Wombats could have a big splash in front of them. Their new album, “Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life” is the horizon and it could mean big things for this bombastic trio. They might be in for an Arctic Monkeys-type breakout after new songs such as “Turn” and “Lemon to a Knife Fight.” (In stores Feb. 9)


Conway & Westside Gunn

Buffalo is on fire when it comes to hip-hop and at the forefront are two brothers, Conway and Westside Gunn, who have brought a grittiness back to East Coast rap that’s much needed. Their Griselda crew has been scooped up by Eminem’s Shady Records, so they’re about to get more popular this year. If you dig grimy NYC rap from the ’90s, you’ll love these dudes. They have no shortage of mixtapes out. (In stores now)




The murders of rap legends 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. are the basis of the new true-crime series “Unsolved.” The series is taking the same type of true-crime approach we’ve seen be very successful with the O.J. Simpson story and applying it to two famous hip-hop murders. The pilot for the show was even directed by Anthony Hemingway, who directed “The People vs. O.J. Simpson.” Hemingway also serves as executive producer. (Premieres Feb. 27 on USA)


“Everything Sucks”

Netflix continues to tap into nostalgia with its latest offering: “Everything Sucks.” It may not be “Stranger Things,” but it’s certainly borrowing from its playbook. The show centers on high-school kids in the 90s, specifically kids from the A/V and drama club at the high school in Boring, Oregon. It’s a dramedy and looks totally ’90s. Time will tell if Netflix has another hit on its hands. (Premieres Feb. 16)


Video Games

“Monster Hunter: World”

If you’ve ever wanted to hunt actual monsters, well, that’s probably not going to happen. However, the closest you can get is the latest installment of the “Monster Hunter” video game series — “Monster Hunter: World.” It’s a role-playing game in an open world setting where the main task is to hunt and kill large monsters. The game introduces all sorts of interesting creatures who look like they’ll pose a challenge. (In stores now)



Fire Pit Skulls

It’s still cold in some places, so maybe your fire needs some help. In fact, maybe it needs some skulls. Enter these Fire Pit Skulls from Myard. They work like logs for your fire, except they’re shaped like skulls. They’re great if you’re kinda morbid or are looking to play a prank. You can also use them again come Halloween. (Available through Amazon)

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