Stuff We Dig Vol 67



“Super Troopers 2”

The moment we’ve been waiting for is here. After 17 years, we’re finally getting a sequel to “Super Troopers,” the movie about a bumbling group of state troopers. It was a movie full of shenanigans, but it was a cult classic that deserved a sequel sooner. Keeping with the movie’s stoner appeal, the sequel dropped 4/20. Seems fitting. (In theaters now)


“Avengers: Infinity War”

The next chapter of the “Avengers” saga is the biggest yet. After the breakthrough success of “Black Panther,” the Marvel world nailed back-to-back box office smashes with the latest “Avengers” title, “Infinity War.” This one is packed with characters, stars and hype. It’s the third “Avengers” film and 19th total in the Marvel universe. With Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk back and joined by basically everyone from the Marvel universe, it doesn’t disappoint. (In theaters now).




HBO’s trippy breakout hit, “Westworld,” returns for Season Two looking to build on the success of its debut outing. The series — which is a futuristic sci-fi western thriller, yes, for real — is centered on an amusement park that lets its attendees live out their wildest fantasies. It’s run by robots, so there are no consequences for the human guests who do heinous things. As you can probably expect, things go array and there’s where the drama and thrills develop. (Available now on HBO)


Andre The Giant

The man known as the Eighth Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant, is the basis of a much-anticipated HBO documentary spearheaded by Bill Simmons. It’s a project Simmons has talked about for years — his first major project for HBO, after helping ESPN develop its celebrated 30-for-30 documentary series. If you’re a certain age, you grew up in awe of Andre the Giant, who starred both as a pro wrestler and an actor in films such as “The Princess Bride.” (Available now on HBO)



A Perfect Circle

Rock supergroup A Perfect Circle is back with its first album in 14 years. The group is best known as the premiere side project of Maynard James Keenan of Tool. Fans have longed for new material and now they’re getting it with “Eat the Elephant,” the group’s fourth album. A Perfect Circle reunited in 2017 for live shows and has been putting together this project since. (In stores now)


Willie Nelson

There’s no stopping Willie Nelson. The iconic country singer turns 85 this year and he’s still going strong. He just announced a new tour and dropped a new album of original material days before his birthday. It’s called “Last Man Standing” and it’s his 73rd album in his historic career. Even as he’s crept past 80, Nelson has released at least one album each year. He’s also a longtime marijuana advocate. We’re not saying those two things are related — but we’re fans of both. (In stores now)



God of War

After years in development, a new “God of War” game is upon us. The action-adventure game is one of the classic series of the 2000s. This is the eighth game in the saga and one of the most anticipated. It’s the first “God of War” game in five years and the first to land on the PS4. For the latest installment, the game is being titled simply “God of War” and takes on a new mythology. All the previous games were based on Greek mythology, but it’s now tackling Norse mythology. (In stores now)


The Best Coffee Table Ever

How do you like this coffee table? It’s basically the best thing you could ever own. The Sobro coffee table costs a pretty penny but has all the features you didn’t know you needed in a coffee table — a refrigerator, Bluetooth speakers, a charging station and LED lights. It’s basically your best friend in coffee-table form. (Available on Amazon for $1299.)



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