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STUFF WE DIG   Movies Fist Fight The angry Ice Cube is back. In “Fist Fight,” the rapper-turned-actor plays a teacher who gets fired from his high-school job because of his colleague (played by Charlie Day of “It’s Always Sunny” fame). So they decide to fight after school. It looks silly enough to be a […]

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Movies “Batman vs. Superman” If nothing else, the release of “Batman vs. Superman” will finally answer some questions. They’re nothing to do with the plot really, but these two questions have plagued the movie for months: Is this gonna suck? Can Ben Affleck play Batman? We’re more hopeful than some people out there, because the […]

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SAY HELLO TO OUR IMMORTAL FRIEND We look back at the classic gangster movie “Scarface” 32 years after its release, tracking down some of the places the movie was filmed, how opinions have changed about it and what became of the people involved. We don’t say this with any exaggeration at all, it’s just about […]

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