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INNOVATION FOR EXTRACTION The Hybrid Extractor is a new product that makes extracting essential oils from plants much easier and safer by skipping the use of butane. It’s a new technology based on two products you might already know The landmark of innovation is creating something that’s better, safer and more functional than the way people used […]

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GOURMET TIMES TWO Gourmet Innovations, the company you know for its butane, wants to introduce you to other things. And, it wants to turn one fan into a butane super hero. If you see a guy walking into your local smoke shop with whipped-cream chargers, don’t be too surprised or do too obvious of a […]

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THE NXXT BEST THING Nxxt 2 Zero jumped into the U.S. butane market last year, after its owner sensed an opportunity. Ever since, it has been making a name for itself thanks to its imported-from-England butane that caters to high-end users. Sometimes when you’ve been in business long enough, you can just sense opportunity. And […]

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