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THE OTHER SIDE OF LEGALIZATION IN CALIFORNIA Cannabis is legal in California now, but the jump to legalization has left many in the cannabis industry thinking the state wasn’t ready for the new laws and it could cripple some small businesses On Jan. 1, people in California woke up to a new reality. Cannabis was finally legal. […]

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MOVIES “Jason Bourne” Jason Bourne has come out of hiding. That’s the newest twist in the “Bourne” saga, the thrilling spy series that was a box office hit with Matt Damon starring in the first three movies. After he disappeared at the end of “The Bourne Ultimatum” in 2007, the Bourne series continued in 2012 […]

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Getting in “The Fray” of things in the desert. I seem to take many trips out into the desert, maybe it was Jim Morrison’s “Dawns Highway” that influenced me to go or was it the Barstow chapter in the classic “Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas” or maybe it is simply the fact that our […]

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