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Movies “Super Troopers 2” The moment we’ve been waiting for is here. After 17 years, we’re finally getting a sequel to “Super Troopers,” the movie about a bumbling group of state troopers. It was a movie full of shenanigans, but it was a cult classic that deserved a sequel sooner. Keeping with the movie’s stoner […]

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Movies Captain America: Civil War Marvel is coming from your movie money again. This month it’s the long-awaited clash between Captain America and Iron Man that divides The Avengers. You’ve heard about “Captain America: Civil War” for months and it’s sure to be adored by audiences and collect a ton of money at the box […]

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Movies “Kid Cannabis” Based on the true story of Nate Norman, a teenage high-school dropout turned millionaire, “Kid Cannabis” gives us a peek into the world of marijuana trafficking, just through a different lens than you might expect. Norman was 19 and living in Idaho when he and some buddies figured out they could make […]

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