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Robert Platshorn on Why Grandma Should Smoke Pot 30 Years. That’s approximately 10,950 days, give or take a few, and it’s how long Robert Platshorn spent in prison for his involvement in a cannabis smuggling operation back in the ‘70s. Let that sink in for a minute. In what is supposedly the freest nation in […]

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If Volume 1 of this conversation stirred your interest, there’s a good chance that Volume 2 will stir your soul. We’ve learned a lot about Perlowin’s philosophy on giving back. Read on to find out how he weaves that philosophy into the nitty gritty of everyday business.   (Missed out on Volume 1? Click here.) DP: […]

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HOOKED ON HOOKAHZZ Hookahzz is bringing a healthier product to the vaping market. The company’s adventurous co-founders are hoping for big things. All businesses start somewhere. Some start in a garage. Some ideas are born in the shower or in the car. Some start over a drink with a friend. And others are hobbies that […]

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