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THE BOUNDARY PUSHERS VMR, the company behind the V2 vaporizer, gets into the dry herb and concentrates market with its new brand, Prohibited. This is the story of the company’s thirst to innovate and push the limits of vape technology. When you thirst for innovation, when you desire something new and different and better, sometimes you have […]

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I’ve been thinking about these new FDA e-cigarette regulations a lot lately. Everyone in this industry should be, really, whether your store carries them or not. The fact is, the e-cig business has become a major boon of revenue for a lot of smoke shops. The ability to sell a consumable product that customers will […]

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The FDA’s regulations on the e-cigarette market are finally here and as most in this industry already know, they’re not pretty. Vapers: buy up everything you can while you can. Shop owners: start looking for a way to pivot. Once these regulations go into effect, this market could very likely be facing a swift and painful death. […]

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