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DAVID LABRAVA: FROM GLASS LIFE TO STREET LEVEL David Labrava is much more than what you know from TV. He’s a multi-talented artist and writer with a hustler’s spirit who has learned at every turn of his amazing life. If you know David Labrava, you know this to be true: If he’s awake, he’s creating something. […]

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Movies “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Hollywood is giving a “Spider-Man” film series another try. This new “Spider-Man” bounces off “Captain America: Civil War,” which saw Spiderman appear in the Marvel universe. In the solo film, Spidey (played by Tom Holland) returns home to master his powers under the eye of Ironman. The Marvel version of “Spider-Man” figures […]

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STUFF WE DIG   “Ghost in the Shell” It took almost 10 years, but an American “Ghost in the Shell” adaptation is coming to theaters this month. This film is based on the popular Japanese comic series of the same name, which debuted in 1989. The American version stars Scarlett Johansson as “The Major,” the […]

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