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Photos by DB Photography Every once in a while, something really special comes along and provides a new spark of energy to the industry by revamping the way things were previously done. A new splash of color and light that brings about the realization that things in our industry could have been better this whole […]

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This summer during the recent trade show run in Las Vegas, a new and exciting space had it’s Grand Opening Party. That’s right; Hall of Boro has officially opened. The opening brought many of the glass art worlds superstars together for an evening of art appreciation. You may be asking,”What is Hall of Boro?” The […]

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Every issue we ask our readers a question and collect the responses. This time we asked people to name their favorite glass blower. Here are a few of the artists who got shouted out by their fans: – Turtle of Turtle Time Glass in Oregon, who won the Glass Games at the recent CHAMPS Trade […]

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