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A DREAM REALIZED Just Blaze smoke shop in Phoenix is the result of two friends’ high-school dream coming to life after one of them was tragically shot and killed. Today, it’s a thriving ‘hip-hop graffiti smoke shop’ The story of Just Blaze smoke shop in Phoenix isn’t like many others. It’s a story of big dreams and […]

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WHY THIS YEAR BELONGS TO RUN THE JEWELS The duo of Killer Mike and El-P make socially conscious, spaced-out punch-you-in-the-face, punk-rock rap music that’s perfect for our country’s current political and social climate The beat fades in slowly, almost like a freight train you see coming in the distance. It’s coming. You know it’s coming. […]

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It’s going to be a very Merry Christmas this year at Snoop Dogg’s house. Well, at least it will be at his personal cannabis plantation. This Christmas Eve, Snoop is hosting a get together for a handful of unbelievably lucky participants who will get to try his insanely potent new strain, currently dubbed “Tangerine Man.” […]

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