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Movies “Molly’s Game” Go inside the celebrity-filled, high-stakes world of underground poker in “Molly’s Game,” which tells the story of Molly Bloom’s famous poker games in L.A. and NYC that attracted celebrities, pro athletes and millionaires. The film is based on Bloom’s own true story told in her book and brought to life by Aaron […]

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Movies “Death Note” Netflix brings us an film adaption of popular Japanese comic series “Death Note” in which a high-school student is given a death book that allows him to kill anyone he’s seen. Our protagonist, Light, uses the book to kill criminals while a detective named L tries to stop him. The film is […]

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Movies “The Gunman” We don’t know Sean Penn as much of a badass in his recent work, but he’s showing he can still kick some butt in his latest flick, “The Gunman.” It’s the story of a hitman who wants out of the game, but the organization for which he works won’t allow it. When […]

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