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THE OTHER SIDE OF LEGALIZATION IN CALIFORNIA Cannabis is legal in California now, but the jump to legalization has left many in the cannabis industry thinking the state wasn’t ready for the new laws and it could cripple some small businesses On Jan. 1, people in California woke up to a new reality. Cannabis was finally legal. […]

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CANNABIS LEGALIZATION: WHAT’S NEXT? The November election was a big win for legalization efforts in four states, but in the bigger picture, president-elect Donald Trump’s new attorney general could undo all the progress of the past four years. Here we are, at a fork in the road, not so sure what’s going to happen next. […]

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Let’s take a peek into this week’s presidential circus. Reefer Madness Alert: JEB Bush had a few words about cannabis at CNN’s GOP Town Hall this past week and it looks like he may have forgotten to bring his science books on the campaign trail with him. When asked about the issue of recreational marijuana, […]

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