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PUSHING BUSINESS FWD Specialty tobacco vets Phillips & King are refining their presence in the smoke-shop world with PK FWD, a new brand aimed at a new era of retail with a new customer in mind. Survival of the fittest is the way Charles Darwin described his famous theory of evolution. That applies to the Earth’s species, […]

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INNOVATORS BY TRADE VOLO Trading Inc. started with a one solution-oriented product and since has created entire lines of innovative, attractive accessories that appeal to smokers. Necessity, as the saying goes, is the mother of invention. Translated: People are a whole lot better at inventing things when they need to. A great idea generally doesn’t […]

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Makai Studios, JBD Glass Event Waterpipes and Art Glass coming together First of all, any reason to go to Maui is a good reason. The reason for my last minute trip to Maui was none other than Jerome Baker and Charlie Lowrie throwing down on some of the world’s largest waterpipes. They may not be […]

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