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MOVIES “Ready Player One” Prepare for Steven Spielberg to bend your mind once again. The famed director is at the helm of “Ready Player One,” a new film that blends video games and science fiction in a fascinating way. The film is set in the future when humans are more interested in their virtual lives […]

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THE ERB 50 In honor of ERB Magazine’s 50th issue, we’re counting down our 50 favorite icons from cannabis culture. Everything from Snoop Dogg to Oreos to Willie Nelson and Adult Swim. Here we are, issue Number 50 of ERB Magazine. It’s been quite ride these past few years. And we’re thankful you’re here with us. Fifty […]

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Movies “Exodus: Gods and Kings” Here’s your epic winter film: Ridley Scott’s “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” which tells the story of Moses leading an uprising against the Egyptians. It’s both new age and old as can be. This Biblical tale gets the blockbuster treatment with cutting-edge special effects and 3-D immersion. It stars Christian Bale […]

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