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THE OTHER SIDE OF LEGALIZATION IN CALIFORNIA Cannabis is legal in California now, but the jump to legalization has left many in the cannabis industry thinking the state wasn’t ready for the new laws and it could cripple some small businesses On Jan. 1, people in California woke up to a new reality. Cannabis was finally legal. […]

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Robert Platshorn on Why Grandma Should Smoke Pot 30 Years. That’s approximately 10,950 days, give or take a few, and it’s how long Robert Platshorn spent in prison for his involvement in a cannabis smuggling operation back in the ‘70s. Let that sink in for a minute. In what is supposedly the freest nation in […]

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A name is often more important to the essence of what it defines than most us realize. When we call cannabis by names meant to invoke stigma, we are detracting from its legitimacy as a medicine. ERB Magazine has a very unique position on the socio-political-economic spectrum (if I can make up that term). On […]

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