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THE OTHER SIDE OF LEGALIZATION IN CALIFORNIA Cannabis is legal in California now, but the jump to legalization has left many in the cannabis industry thinking the state wasn’t ready for the new laws and it could cripple some small businesses On Jan. 1, people in California woke up to a new reality. Cannabis was finally legal. […]

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INTELLIGENT ART   Sean Dietrich takes us inside his world of art — there’s murals, live painting, tours, World War II pin ups and “The Wizard of Oz.” There’s no doubt you noticed how fresh this month’s ERB cover looked, well, we owe many thanks to artist Sean Dietrich for that. He created the cover […]

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COLORING OUTSIDE THE LINES Vincent Gordon followed his dream and created a colorful career as an artist whose work has a close connection to the smoking community. Imagine a world without color. Black, white and gray. Bland, boring and drab. Color enlightens us, grips up and demands our attention. Vincent Gordon learned this early on. […]

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