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EASY DOES IT It wasn’t always easy, but Rob Carter has found success with Easy’s Smoke Shops Rob Carter was working on a construction site in Fort Worth, Tx., when he almost fell off a building. That kind of thing can change a man. Later that day, he and some buddies were having a drink […]

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Every issue we ask our readers a question and collect the responses. This time: What are you doing with your tax refund this year? Here’s what a few people had to say: “I’m saving up for that new PlayStation 4. Gonna be siiiiiick!” — John; Reno, NV. “Refund? Shoot, I gotta pay the government more money […]

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Trendsetter has been thriving in Illinois since the 1970s as second-generation owner honors his father’s legacy Each month, when we at ERB talk to a smoke shop owner from around the country, we usually start the conversation with the same question. “Take us back to the beginning: How did the shop get started?” When we […]

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