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STRANGER THINGS: WHY PEOPLE  CAN’T GET ENOUGH The crowd-pleasing Netflix sci-fi smash is back for its second season and we look into why it’s so damn popular. We all know the feeling. We’ve all been there. We’ve all discovered a new TV show, immediately become entranced by it and allowed it to take over our psyche. […]

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Movies “Blade Runner 2049” The long-awaited “Blade Runner” sequel is just about here. This update of the sci-fi classic has been in development since 1999 and it’s finally coming to the big screen. The film stars Ryan Gosling in the main role, but also includes Harrison Ford, who also starred in the original. From there, […]

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Movies “Rogue One” We’ve still got another year until we see what’s next in the “Star Wars” saga, but at least we’ve got “Rogue One” to tide us over. This stand-alone film — the first of its sort in “Star Wars” history — introduces new characters and a new story between the events of Episodes III […]

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