From humble beginnings
to a worldwide network, Got Vape has been on the forefront of the vaporizer movement
The folks at Got Vape are predicting a big boom in vaporizers in 2012.

If they’re correct, then the Got Vape crew — the leading distributor of vaporizers and vaporizer related products — is in for a big year.

“Usually there’s like one or two new vaporizers per year, this year we have about eight,” says Nano Donlin, the marketing and promotions for Got Vape.

He’s counting off new products his company is unveiling at the CHAMPS Trade Show Feb. 21-23 in Las Vegas. The “Class of 2012” he calls it — with new products from Volcano, ThermoVape, Arizer Solo and VaporBLUNT among others.

Got Vape debuts these new products first because it has been in the forefront of the vaporizer market for a decade now. The Orange County-based company was started in 2001 with one product — the company’s own Inspector Vapors Kit.

“It literally started off with just an IV Kit,” Donlin says. “That was one of the innovative things we did. No one had ever thought about using vaporization via heatgun before.”

Got Vape quickly started selling products from Volcano and Vapir, and the company has been ahead of the curve on the vaporizer market ever since.

Today, it sells more than 40 different vaporizers and more than 200 products total. It’s also a go-to source for vaporizer repair and education. In short: It’s the pied piper of the vaporizer world.


“If you look at the industry 10 years ago, vaporizers were in one section of a store’s case,” Donlin says. “Now people are dedicating whole cases to vaporizers. That’s big. We’ve been the movers and pushers. We started letting people know not only the health benefits of vaporizers, but we also started going in and dressing their shops.”


That’s paid off. Got Vape has a big network of smokeshops that it sells to — more than 3,000 worldwide — and an online retail set-up that directly serves customers, both nationally and internationally.

The company has four distribution centers, on each coast and in the midwest. It prides itself on quick shipping and delivery. It promises three-day delivery across the country, and to customers in New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Northern California, Oregon and Southern California, it even offers free delivery.

If you talk to Donlin for even a short time, he’ll surely bring up the health impact of vaporizers. It’s something he’s obviously passionate about. Vaporizers and their smoke-less, clean technology have built a market with cancer patients and diseases like COPD.

“Our main motto,” Donlin says, “is ‘Because your health matters.’ ”

It’s why Got Vape contributes to AIDS walks and cancer walks.



That’s my big thing,” Donlin says. “Whenever I hear from someone who’s using these things to benefit their lifestyle, it just make happy to be a part of it.”

With that, Donlin expects to see growth for Got Vape, as vaporizers become more and more mainstream.

While Got Vape’s core customers is — and will continue to be — men ages 18-24, they’re reporting growth with females and older customers.

Says Donlin: “We know that is the movement itself gets to more places, it’s just going to give us more opportunities.”



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