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The AirVape burst onto the portable vaporizer scene and quickly became a hit. We talk to the minds behind it to see why it’s a winner and what they have coming next.

Sometimes you just have to believe.

When telling the story of AirVape, there’s a lot to unpack — the design, the innovation, the mark the company is trying to leave on the industry and all the things that it wants to do next, now that it has a hit product. And we’ll get to those things.

But behind all of it is a belief.

A belief that something better was out there, waiting to be made. And a belief this trio of vape enthusiasts were going to be the ones to do it.

“We started as a group of vaporizing enthusiasts,” says Roland S., the co-founder and creative director behind AirVape. “We were all in different businesses related to vaporizers. We got together this circle of friends. We looked at the dry herb vaporizer industry. We did not find the right portable vaporizer. It was either not portable or it was lacking performance.”

So they did what any creative people would do in such a scenario. They made it themselves. And they did it because they believed.

Not too long after that, by the end of 2014, the AirVape hit the market. Like many new products, the first incarnation wasn’t totally perfect. But after refining it a bit, by the time the AirVape XS dropped in early 2016, this circle of vape believers had a hit on its hands.

“The goal was to create affordable luxury,” Roland says, and so far, so good.

The AirVape brain trust — which also includes Chad B. and Kornel G. — could have just pushed out its first product, rested on its laurels and said it tried its best. But instead, it went right back into research and development to create the product it really wanted. Because when you believe there’s something better to be made, you don’t stop until you do it.

The XS hit the right notes. It was sleek and easy to carry. It came onto the market as the thinnest portable vaporizer, a title the company says it still holds. With a $179 price tag, it’s nice but still under the $200-threshold. It ranks as one of the top under-$200 vaporizers around.

AirVape wanted a comfortable pocket fit design, and it has achieved that.

AirVape also wanted something that did all of the above and packed some power. It achieved that too.

“It’s a truly unique design,” Roland says. “The performance — it’s a combination of conduction and convection. It’s a little bit different than others. When I’m just saying performance, it includes everything — taste, the cloud and basically how it’s vaporizing the herbs evenly in the chamber. It includes a lot of things like airflow resistance, isolated airflow, the materials that we use, the ceramic chamber, the glass mouthpiece.”

If it sounds like Roland has a background in electronics manufacturing, it’s because he does. The AirVape isn’t just some model the company picked out of a catalog and slapped its branding on. No, they worked hard to create exactly what they wanted.

So far, those efforts have been rewarded. VaporNation — which distributes AirVape’s products exclusively in North America — says it can barely keep the product in stock. Demand is high, the reviews are good and customers are happy.

That’s one of the reasons AirVape put out the limited-edition AirVape XS Special Edition in April. It’s the Rolls Royce version. It’s decked out and limited to a small number of units. Each one includes a concierge card that comes with discounts for other products and a unique box.

“They’ll be treated as AirVape VIPs forever,” Roland says.

The company has also a number of accessories available to accompany its products. The XS shell is the most popular. It’s a protective case that helps make the AirVape XS water resistant and smell proof.

But AirVape’s plans right now are bigger than accessories. Knowing it has momentum, the company is busy plotting its next product drops. These should keep them busy into next year:

  • First up is the AirVape OM, which is currently in the “perfecting” stage. It takes the herbal goodness of the AirVape XS and gives it a new application for wax. The dabbing community should be happy to hear that. It’s due in the coming months.


  • Then comes the XS2, which is coming this fall. It’s the much-anticipated sequel to the original hit. It takes the best parts of the XS and improves upon them. It has a bigger chamber, a better mouthpiece, an improved screen, a titanium chamber and updates to the heating technology. Basically, it’s the XS evolved.


  • Next year brings another big innovation from the AirVape crew. They’re being tight-lipped with the details at the moment, but they say it’ll have a big impact, so watch out.


“It holds some features that this industry has not seen yet,” Roland says. “I’m excited about it. I’m just gonna leave it there.”

One of the things that drives AirVape’s new products is something quite simple: listening.

The company pays close attention to the chatter in the marketplace, surveys its customers, reads reviews and always makes sure it’s listening to valuable feedback.

“What really helps us is customer feedback,” Roland says. “We always rely on it.”

It’s not just about making people happy either. It’s about keeping up with a rapidly changing industry, one where trends come and go quickly and slow-to-react companies get left in the dust.

“It’s a very competitive market and brings in new technology very fast,” Roland says. “If you don’t, you’re going to lose customers.”

These days, that’s not a problem for AirVape. People love their products — and the team behind AirVape wants to make sure it stays that way.

“If you look at our reviews, it’s truly amazing what customers say about us,” Roland says. “We want to give them a thank you with new products. I know they’re going to like them.”

Don’t stop believing, right?



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