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Infinity Wholesale Group grew out of an old-school business but added the new-school approach of embracing the Internet and social media. Now it’s focused on staying ahead of the curve.

Being a successful businessman requires a number of skills — and some are more important than others. But there’s one thing that should never be understated and it’s the one that might be the most important to the success of Infinity Wholesale Group.

You have to be able to anticipate trends. You have to know what people are going to want before they do. And you have to stay ahead of the curve.

“People just want the next best thing,” says Danny Bettan of Infinity Wholesale. “That’s really what this industry is about. Trying to see what that next trend is before the old heads figure it out.”

Bettan is 28 and the director of marketing and online sales for Infinity Wholesales. His title and business card might not say so, but he’s actually the guy who set the entire company into motion when it started seven years ago. He doesn’t want to give himself a fancier title, probably because day-in and day-out, he’s in the thick of the business. He’s at the forefront of making sure Infinity Wholesale has what people want, and usually before everybody knows it’s the next trend.

“Most of these guys stopped buying pipes in college,” he says. “I just graduated from college not that long ago.”

He’s a second-generation entrepreneur. His father was in the adult entertainment business and by the time Danny was old enough to have a business sense of his own, he knew the money was flowing in a different direction and the future was only going to be more of the same.

The Internet was going to win.

“I saw online just kicking everyone’s ass,” Bettan says. “Retail in general, but especially in that sector.”

So while he was going to school for marketing, Bettan started his own wholesale company out of his parents’ home office. He was taking what he learned in college, taking what his generation knows about the Internet and using the foundation of what his father taught him about traditional business — and that was a winning combination.

“It really started taking off,” Bettan says. “I’ve been in the culture. I’ve been in the industry for a long time. It wasn’t just that we were coming out of the blue. People knew us.”

Infinity Wholesale is based in the Miami area — a hotspot for both the smoking industry and the adult industry, so Bettan learned a lot being in the thick of things.

“I saw a void in the market,” he continues. “A lack of quality. In the local market especially. There’s where I really got into it. I didn’t want to be a one-stop shop and we’re still not a one-stop shop. It’s not everything. It’s essentials. And it just snowballed from there.”

Here’s a fun story about staying open to new trends, even if it’s something a little different. Not too long ago, Bettan started to get a few e-mails asking about fidget spinners. He deleted the first couple e-mails, but a few more came in.

“If we get enough e-mails about a product, it must be something hot,” Bettan says.

So he jumped into the fidget spinner craze and the first day he stocked them, they were sold out in an hour. He doubled up his order and it was still gone right away. Then tripled up, same thing. Now he’s moved away from the plastic ones onto the higher-end spinners.

The craze might not last until Christmas, Bettan says, but for now, it’s been a hot one and he was smart enough to be in the thick of it.

He’s really focused on a few things over the years: American-made glass, working directly with glass artists, doing special pieces with his own artistic/marketing input and starting brands within Infinity Wholesale.

“Just pushing the envelope as much as I can, trying to be innovative,” Bettan says. “I have a background in art. I’ve always had that. So [working with artists] I get to put my touch on their art. I’m always finding cool items and cool artists and building together. Everybody wins.”

Beyond that, he’s launched a few of his own products. One was Dab Marino, a cleverly named line of dabbing rigs and accessories — especially for a Miami-based company. But Dan Mariano sued them, so that ended prematurely. Instead, Infinity launched the Been Dabbin’ line, which has a number of street/proto glass pieces and has been well received. The company also has smaller items like DabPads and its own e-juices.

“You need to keep moving forward,” he says.

That could also be a mantra for his family’s story. It was built from a different old-school model and modernized by the next generation. His sister is in the thick of it too, as the Infinity Wholesale Group office manager, making sure this second-generation business hums along into the future.

“I don’t care if you order 10 or if you order 10,000,” Bettan says. “We have no minimum, which is something I’ve stressed from Day One.”

He’s also stressed staying ahead of the curve. That includes everything from being sure to walk the floor at trade shows, to keeping a close eye on social media and making sure he knows what college-aged kids are excited about. Instagram and YouTube are killin’ it these days, he says.

“YouTube!” he says. “I tell stores every day. YouTube is huge. The kids are the culture. They buy the novelty stuff. If you get the kids, that’s at least 80 percent of our industry.”


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