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The Hybrid Extractor is a new product that makes extracting essential oils from plants much easier and safer by skipping the use of butane. It’s a new technology based on two products you might already know

The landmark of innovation is creating something that’s better, safer and more functional than the way people used to do things.

It’s what the team at HybridXtract strived for and achieved with their new device, which allows users to extract essential oils from plants in a way that’s cleaner and safer than many of the ways that have become commonplace.

Their main product — the Hybrid Extractor — takes butane out of the extraction process. Instead, it combines elements of two devices you might be familiar with: whipped-cream chargers and coffee presses.

Doug Meester, the principal at HybridXtract, has been the man behind whipped-cream charger company Creamright since 2000 and has learned quite a bit about compressed gases that he then applied to the Hybrid Extractor.

“The Hybrid Extractor was the culmination of studying the technology of rapid infusion, using cartridges we have historically marketed combined with pressure filtering,” Meester said. “Our invention was initially developed as an enhanced rapid infusion strategy to infuse flavors into spirits and cooking oils. It works fabulously for this. It became clear that the same technology would be effective as a means of extracting essential oils from plant matter.”

Now, after years in development, the Hybrid Extractor in on the market and Meester is thrilled.

“It’s reasonably priced, safer and gives a higher quality product,” he said.

Some of the inspiration behind this was creative bartenders, first in New York City and then in other places, who started using infusion-cartridges to make drinks. Meester saw that and it made him wonder what other ways the technology he knew so well could be used.

“I saw the opportunity to do the same thing as an extraction,” he said. “We combined it with what’s essentially a coffee press. After you extract the oil, you can also push it out. What we did was build off an existing technology and enhanced it.”

Here’s a quick step-by-step, to help you understand how HybridXtract works:


  1. Place ground, dried herbal substance into the HybridXtract Cylinder.
  2. Cover with ethanol alcohol or another solvent.
  3. Put the pressure lid on and pressurize the cartridge.

Wait about 30 seconds to two minutes, then squeeze the handle on the lid to release all the pressure.

  1. Take off the pressure lid, replace with the press lid. Then slowly put pressure on the press and pour the solvent into a stainless steel pot.
  2. Evaporate all the alcohol in a well-ventilated area.

“Our machine is a simple way to quickly infuse the maximum quantity of oils into very low volumes of ethanol,” Meester said. “Like other solvents that are used, the process requires evaporation of the resulting ‘infused’ alcohol. While ethanol is a flammable liquid and any heating of the ethanol to evaporate should be done in a well ventilated area, it is many times safer — and less toxic — than the same process with butane.”

Safety really is one of HybridXtract’s key selling points.

“The use of butane is dangerous and not as healthy,” Meester said. “We see a much cleaner and different extraction methodology.”

The Hybrid Extractor comes in two different sizes, depending on how many plants a consumer wishes to put in it. The smaller version can hold up to 50 grams and sells for $189. The larger version holds 70 grams and sells for $199.

The process to get HybridXtract on the market wasn’t exactly quick, as Meester made sure the technology was right and everything worked the way he envisioned. It’s taken a few years of research and development. The first prototype was developed in 2015 and production started about a year ago. The first Hybrid Extractor hit the market within the last six months.

“We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback,” Meester said. “A lot of people have been using it. The feedback has been great.”

The HybridXtract is a separate company from Creamright, the common denominator being Meester, whose on-the-job training in the cartridge business has taught him plenty over the years. He knows products and he knows utility. This one, he’s excited about.

“I’m really happy with the design,” Meester said. “It looks nice, it’s very functional, it’s aesthetically pleasing. It’s a much cleaner way to accomplish an oil extraction.”

What’s next? Well, part of being an innovator is always being open to change.

“We’re looking at our options,” Meester said. “We’re always learning.”



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